I took a slight detour en route home from Las Vegas (via Death Valley and Yosemite – spectacular!) and just finished writing up my observations.

This year is the largest NACHA Payments conference to date (they get bigger and bigger each year) with nearly three thousand attendees. There were sessions devoted to ACH, check electronification, card solutions, global payments, corporate payment solutions and the payments industry over all. Over the course of the conference I attended eight sessions and had one-on-one conversations with seven vendors. I also participated in a press conference with the NACHA Leadership.

General Sessions & Overall Observations

Summary & NACHA Leadership Interview

Keynote/Peter Raskind, National City (general session)

Break Out Sessions

International Payments
ACI Worldwide & BofA

Global Remote Deposit Capture
Goldleaf Financial and Global Concepts/McKinsey

Corporate Mobile Banking
Celent & Wells Fargo

XML All Stars
BofA, JPMorgan Chase, GE Corporate Treasury, Upper Midwest ACH Association, ABN AMRO Bank

B2B Outlook
Federal Reserve, AFP, Cal State AAA, Costco

Remittance for Wires
Federal Reserve, CHIPS, SWIFT

NACHA's B2B Strategy
NACHA, Celent

How To Turn Your Online Bill Pay Expense into a Revenue Stream
eCom Advisors


Bob Lund/eGistics

Elspeth Bloodgood/ChoicePay

Joe Salesky/ClairMail

Rob Peyton/OB10

Kathy Strasser/Wausau

Danne Buchanan/NetDeposit

David Peterson/Goldleaf

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