GTNews: The Road to Treasury Excellence

by Erin McCune on May 6, 2008

in Treasury & Cash Management


This week GTNews has cobbled together a somewhat disjointed collection of articles relevant to corporate treasury and payments. Topics include liquidity management, e-trading developments, portal technology, payments STP, TMS trends, the credit crunch and its impact on corporates as well as the business environment in Turkey (not sure how that last one slipped in).

How to Reduce Bank Costs with Straight-through Processing
Malcolm Taylor, Accuity
How can corporates improve efficiency in their payments straight-through processing (STP) rates?

The Road to Treasury Excellence
Karsten Kohl, BearingPoint
This article considers trends in the TMS space such as treasury's expectations of the systems they use.

Credit Crunch: Impact on Corporates
Olivier Brissaud, Volkswagen
Opinion and comment on the sub-prime banking crisis and its impact on corporates.

Bridging the Mid-corporate Divide With E-trading
Helen Woolcomb, Lloyds TSB
Mid-sized corporates could find themselves at a competitive disadvantage if they do not fully understand how e-trading could work for them.

Why You Should Want to Invest in Liquidity Management

Tuija Sipila, OpusCapita
Effective liquidity management is about being ready to do things differently, so what should corporates focus on?

All Eyes Set on Turkey

Paul Wouters, Bener Law Office
The business environment in Turkey and impact of the credit crunch.

Transform Treasury Through Portal Technology
Kirk D. Black, The Bank of New York Mellon
What can investment portal technology offer corporate treasurers?

There's lots more at GTNews.

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