GTNews: Finding Extra Value in AP

by Erin McCune on April 22, 2008

in AP, B2B, Payables

This week GTNews explores opportunities to add value through Accounts Payable (AP) automation. We explored this topic in depth at the recent B2B workshop and featured many of the vendors that submitted articles on the topic to GTNews (including Bottomline and Ariba).

The Topsy-Turvy World of EIPP: Embraced by Payables Functions
Nancy Atkinson, Aite Group
This article looks at the benefits that A/P outsourcing can bring to the trading/partner relationship.

Look to Accounts Payable to Add Value
Drew Hofler, Ariba
A recent study explored how finance executives are looking at A/P to deliver bottom-line results.

Electronic Invoicing + Electronic Payments = Successful A/P Automation
Vince Bahl, Bottomline Technologies
How can organisations maintain DPO levels while capturing early settlement discounts through web-based payments platforms?

Strategic Impact of Accounts Payable Automation
Sush Koka, PayStream Advisors
Technology solutions to help eliminate paper and its adverse impact on the A/P process.

Optimising Accounts Payable to Ride Out a Recession
David Schnitt, IQ BackOffice
In what ways, can companies optimise their A/P?

Accounts Payable: Time to Automate
Nicole Buehler, Hyland Software
A/P professionals are under increasing pressure to improve productivity and comply with regulations – what action can they take?

There's lots more at GTNews.

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  1. Invoice automation and EIPP is very much on the CFOs radar as they look to streamline their operations, reduce costs and optimize working capital metrics. AP Optimization discusses these matters 2-3 times per week:

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