SunTrust Launches Enterprise Spend Platform for Commercial Card Management

by Erin McCune on April 11, 2008

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Two commercial card posts in a row…

SunTrust (a VISA corporate card issuer) announced today the launch of its Enterprise Spend Platform for commercial card management. There are five modules, allowing companies flexibility in implementing and scaling the solution to meet their needs.

Statement Manager allows clients to view and act on detailed statementsfor SunTrust and compatible multinational Purchasing Card and Corporate Card programs. Statement Manager also provides actionable transaction detail of compatible third-party statements such as cellular/mobile providers — all on the same screen.

Transaction Manager provides tools to manage outstanding transactions that require attention. Clients can add General Ledger coding and comments, manage transaction disputes, break out sales tax, check for corporate policy compliance, submit expenses for manager approval, and confirm approval status.

Expense Manager allows detailed reporting of card and cash transactions against extensive travel and expense policies. It also supports General Ledger allocation, workflow approval, compliance monitoring and automated reimbursement directly to a SunTrust Corporate Card account.

Payables Manager helps clients integrate purchasing card into the payables payments mix by automating invoice payments to a dynamically funded purchasing card for direct settlement to the supplier. A/P personnel can manage supplier cards as well as payables files and exception transactions from one dashboard.

Requisition Manager allows clients to create custom requisition forms to fit any buying need. Requisitions can be developed with custom business rules and workflow, where upon approval, dynamically fund specific SunTrust cards for immediate spend capability that auto-match back to the requisition.

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