Best Practices for Technology Leaders: Leading Change

by Erin McCune on April 9, 2008

in BI and Performance Management, Technology

Last week I posted about how CFOs need to be more strategic and lead change, now I am following up with this tidbit from Frank Buytendijk's business intelligence blog on CIOs as change agents:

It is the current best practice to define the role of the CIO as a change agent within the organisation. He/she needs to help the organisation to use information, particularly performance information, to gain competitive advantage by leveraging the information asset to improve decision making at all levels in the organisation, from the strategic level right down to all operational levels of the organisation. This is partly about technology, but much more about organisational change — about governance and about enabling new business models.

Traditionally, a CTO's focus is much more narrow, and focused exclusively on technology. How do I optimise the technology we own? How do I drive cost out of our technology platform? What hardware and networks do we have? Who should be our strategic suppliers of technology? How do I improve the reliability of our technology?

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