Leveraged Planet – Wall Street’s Reluctant Globalization [NYTimes Special Feature]

by Erin McCune on April 3, 2008

in Economic Outlook, Globalization, Investment Strategy

The New York Times DealBook blog has a special section on globalization & Wall Street:

Wall Street's fate is increasingly linked to far-off locales, whether they be bustling financial hubs like Dubai or emerging markets like Kazakhstan. In some cases, the link is more like a lifeline, such as when foreign money emerged to help shore up big-name financial firms in the United States and Europe.

Select articles (there are many more):

Leveraged Planet:  argues that, although Wall Street makes a show of thinking globally, when it comes to opening up its secret society to foreigners, doing so is often still an afterthought.

Follow the Money: Sovereign wealth funds have emerged in recent months as the world’s power brokers. They have used their tremendous wealth to make big cross-border investments and prop up some of Wall Street’s best-known firms.

See also To Court or Shun the Wealth of Nations a piece exploring the contradicting messages our government sends to Sovereign wealth investors.

The Fine Art of Deal-Making Gathers Dust: The market for mergers and acquisitions is in the doldrums. And according to many deal professionals, that won’t change anytime soon.

The Restructuring Pros Are Back in Business: For restructuring experts, recess is over. Many had found themselves sidelined during the recent buyout boom: cheap and plentiful debt led to some of the lowest default rates in recent memory. But that easy financing has evaporated, roiling the credit markets and shaking up companies as big as Bear Stearns.

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Special Section Spring 2008

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