Handwritten Checks for Corporate Payments (not joking)

by Erin McCune on February 19, 2008

in B2B

I'm not surprised when small to medium sized businesses cut checks by hand (I do it myself occasionally) but I was flabbergasted by this post from TechCrunch that Feedburner (not exactly a low tech company!) is handwriting checks for RSS feed advertising.  I was also amused that most of the comments over at TechCrunch were focused
on discerning the amount of the check (an image is posted, but the
dollar amount and MICR data are blurred).

via TechCrunch:

It’s always fun to get the monthly Feedburner
check for advertising they insert into the RSS feed. The actual dollar
amount is still next to nothing, but I love the fact that, even with
nearly 800,000 publishers, 1.4 million managed feeds, and a $100 million payday from Google, they still haven’t automated the check writing process. Someone hand writes all of these checks every month.

The folks at Feedburner are welcome to attend the upcoming B2B Payments workshop to explore cheaper, faster, more secure alternatives for payment.

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