Top 10 Issues in Electronic Payments (Digital Transactions News)

by Erin McCune on November 15, 2007

in Payments News

The latest Digital Transactions magazine arrived yesterday and the cover story outlines the top 10 issues facing electronic payments today:

  1. Finding a clear connection for mobile payments
  2. Interchange wars
  3. PCI & data security
  4. The allure of alternative payments
  5. Payments patents
  6. The impact of fraud
  7. Check-ACH convergence
  8. The fallout of the prepaid explosion
  9. Who's using contactless cards?
  10. Making off-premises ATMs pay

From a corporate finance perspective the top issues continue to be PCI & data security, fraud, understanding how alternative payments can address unmet needs of individual industries and customer segments, and how Check-ACH convergence impacts transaction costs and funds availability.

Read the whole article by downloading the current issue (starts on page 26):

The 10 Most Pressing Issues in E-Payments
Digital Transactions News
November 2007

One Response to “Top 10 Issues in Electronic Payments (Digital Transactions News)”

  1. Dave Birch says:

    Thanks for the pointer, I hadn’t got round to reading it. I thought that the section about alternative payments didn’t cover one of the relevant trends, though. Competition with alternative payments isn’t all about cost: one of the reasons why merchants are responding to the “new guys” is because they deliver other kinds of value, if you see what I mean.

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