A Slow Start for Back Office Conversion (BOC)

by Erin McCune on September 24, 2007

in Back Office Conversion, Payments News

The latest Digital Transactions explores why adoption of Back Office Conversion (BOC) has been so meagre six months after NACHA launched the transaction type for converting checks to ACH transactions in the back office of merchants instead of at the point-of-sale (via the POP transaction type). The primary cause of the slow start is the lack of information from ongoing merchant pilots. A few early adopters (as yet unnamed by processors due to non-disclosure agreements) continue to test the technology. But until their results are made public and other merchants can benchmark potential efficiencies, the new payment option will stagnate.

BOC's Slow Break from the Gate *
by Peter Lucas
Digital Transactions
September 2007

* Note: link is to PDF version of entire Sept 2007 issue; the BOC article starts on pg 18 of the PDF document.

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