Thumbnail Mobile Banking Strategy from Glenbrook

by Erin McCune on September 20, 2007

in Mobile Banking & Payments


Scott Loftesness, the go-to source for payments news, just posted an article titled Glenbrook's Thumbnail Mobile Banking Strategy on the Glenbrook website.

He's setting aside mobile payments – "a whole separate kettle of fish" – and, as promised, delivers concise, actionable advice for those financial institutions still sitting on the proverbial fence.


  • … just get moving now on developing a CSS style sheet to front end your existing online banking system and provide a slimmed down yet elegant web interface to your bank.

  • If your bank has a focus on attracting the younger demographic, you may also want to consider adding SMS-based text messaging as an interface to your existing IVR platform.

Read the whole article – it's short!

Glenbrook's Thumbnail Mobile Banking Strategy
by Scott Loftesness
September 20, 2007

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