The 10-Step Cookbook for Glenbrook’s Thumbnail Mobile Banking Strategy

by Russ Jones on September 20, 2007

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by Russ Jones

I completely agree with this thumbnail mobile banking strategy. But let’s refine it a little into the 10-step cookbook version.

The 10-Step Cookbook for Glenbrook’s Mobile Banking Strategy

  1. Create a small-screen CSS style sheet for your current online banking site (easy, no budget necessary!)
  2. Autosense small displays on your regular online banking website and redirect to the small screen version (potential differentiator)
  3. Put an SMS front end on the “information only” IVR account queries (optional step, for serious banks only)
  4. Create a “Mobile Security” policy statement. (Hint: Use your existing security talking points, copy verbatim.)
  5. Get an .mobi domain for the small-screen version of your existing website (Demonstrate mobile savvy!)
  6. Get your PR department involved (mandatory) and spin them up
  7. Announce your Mobile Banking offering through a press release
  8. Send press release internally to senior management team (politically important)
  9. Promote your new Mobile Banking offers on screens throughout bank’s ATM network
  10. For extra credit, repeat steps above exactly for Small Business Mobile Banking strategy.

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