Sharing is good: the benefit of communication

by Erin McCune on September 12, 2007

in Banking

American Banker features a Viewpoint on the value of communication – especially when sharing best practices between colleagues out in the field. Dave Martin, responsible for consulting and training for retail banking at NCBS, writes the following:

Call me a dreamer, but I'd think these
front-line-generated, field-tested tactics would be pretty valuable
information to uncover, disseminate, and leverage in other branches.

But it takes more than simply suggesting in a memo or a passing
comment at a meeting that our teams should share ideas with each other.
Either individual branch practice-sharing is a priority, or it isn't.
If it's clearly and consistently encouraged, recognized, and
celebrated, it will be. If not, then not.

Reward your most creative and productive managers for sharing their
ideas, and you'll see even more of them. And the reward does not have
to be monetary. Seeing that the ideas and tactics they originated are
recognized and applauded by their supervisors and peers is often the
most motivating incentive of all.

Although written specifically about sales and marketing tactics at bank branches, the same principle applies whatever your employees are doing.

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Viewpoint: Martin on Retailing – Benefit of Communication — It's No Secret
American Banker
Friday, September 7, 2007
By Dave Martin

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