Getting the most from your project team

by Erin McCune on July 8, 2007

in Project Management reviews a handful of new (and upcoming) books on team leadership and finds one particularly useful: X-Teams by Deborah Ancona at MIT and Henrik Bresman at INSEAD.

Xteams Excerpted from

The authors lay out a three-part strategy for making X-teams work effectively. The team:

• Needs a high level of external activity, which means team members spend significant amounts of time with top management, searching around the organization for people who can help the team and help with customers.

• Must execute traditional team functions—hitting deadlines; meeting objectives—well.

• Should remain flexible at all times, recognizing that its original objective may change over time.

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It's about "Team"
Paul B. Brown
July 05, 2007

Buy the book at Amazon:

By Deborah Ancona and Henrik Bresman
Harvard Business School Press, June 2007

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