Brush up on your Excel skills by watching YouTube (no joke!)

by Erin McCune on May 30, 2007

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This week features the best YouTube Excel tutorial videos. Highlights:

"Creating a Combination Chart in Excel 2007." Excel enables users
to combine two or more chart types into a single chart. This type of
chart — called a combination chart — can be used to present information
in multiple formats. This video will get you started.

"Data Validation in Excel." Data validation helps stop cell
entries that are not within preset criteria. This clip shows how to use
data validation and how to avoid some of the feature's unfortunate quirks.

"Excel Practice Test." Think you know Excel inside and out? Here's a video that will test your spreadsheet knowledge.

Check it out (that is, if you can access YouTube from behind your corporate firewall)

Now Playing on YouTube: Microsoft Excel

John Edwards
May 29, 2007

One Response to “Brush up on your Excel skills by watching YouTube (no joke!)”

  1. excel chic says:

    i have learned a lot just by watching these Youtube vidoes. They are really rocking

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