PayPal vs Google Checkout – The Economist Weighs In

by Erin McCune on May 10, 2007

in ECommerce

This week
The Economist magazine discusses the PalPal vs. Google Checkout rivalry.


They admire PayPal's market share (more accounts than American Express), efforts to streamline merchant integration (down to days from weeks), low fraud rates, and constant innovation. But Google's Checkout is a formidable challenger, particularly as Google is content to run Checkout at break even (or even at a loss) as a means to attract ever more advertising.

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A battle at the checkout
The Economist
May 3, 2007

One Response to “PayPal vs Google Checkout – The Economist Weighs In”

  1. Geoff Johnson says:

    Hmm — the Economist is normally better than this. Amex is still far, far bigger than PayPal in gross transaction volume — and both PayPal and Google are still “wrappers” for Visa and MasterCard — not really services in their own right.
    I’m surprised — the Economist usually spots the bigger trends — the emergence of ACH debit and credit and inovators like PaidByCash which are shaking up the payments landscape.

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