Will Consumers Prefer Mobile Banking over Online Banking?

by Erin McCune on May 2, 2007

in Mobile Banking & Payments

WirelessWeek, the mobile industry publication, explores mobile banking this week. The article summarizes recent research and efforts underway by major banks and carriers – most of which we've already covered here at FORTEblog, see mobile posts archived here – but one nugget at the bottom of the article that caught my eye:

One of ClairMail’s bank customers has done a study on the
ROI of using mobile banking, which showed a payback in less than three
, Thompson says. He says the bank’s customers even preferred
using their phones over their PCs for banking.
If that’s true, the
future of mobile banking looks solid.

Read the whole article:

Banks Go Mobile

By Brad Smith
May 01, 2007

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