SEC XBRL Pilot Gaining Momentum

by Erin McCune on April 14, 2007

in Financial Reporting

The SEC's internative data pilot is gaining traction – particularly after the Roundtable on March 19th. The new interactive platform, based on XBRL formatted filings from 36 companies participating in the pilot, is designed to replace the 20 year old Edgar database of SEC filings.

In the four months of the pilot over 10,000 visits have accessed over 500,000 pages of financial data. These stats are certainly modest in terms of mainstream web traffic stats, but the SEC is after a fairly discrete and limited target of financial data users that do not subscribe to Bloomberg, Reuters, etc.

Not suprisingly, the majority of visitors are from the US. But visitors are from a number of countries:

Visitors to the SEC's XBRL Pilot Site


You can visit the
interactive pilot yourself
and check it out. It's easy to browse pages,
create graphs, and export data to Excel. It's a significant improvement over
the old Edgar format. Here's a screen print:

SEC Interactive Viewer


Check it out:
SEC Interactive Financial Data Viewer

Learn more:
SEC XBRL Information Page

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