Businss Intelligence: 5 [mis]Assumptions that Lead to Failure

by Erin McCune on April 12, 2007

in BI and Performance Management

If you are contemplating a Business Intelligence initiative (or in the midst of one) I strongly encourage you to read this post by at the BI Questions Blog. He lists five fatal assumptions about BI and offers insight on how to avoid failure:

1. BI isn't about technology, it's about people.
2. BI is a process, not a one-off project
3. BI isn't about cost, it's about value
4. BI isn't about data, it's about insight
5. BI isn't about perfect planning, it's about being pragmatic.

If you are  a regular reader of ForteBlog some of the advice will seem familiar: foremost, technology is about people and adding value, and that BI is a long term process not a one-off project.

The Five Fatal Flaws of BI (via BI for Business People)

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