Project Management Challenge #7: Poor Design

by Erin McCune on March 28, 2007

in Project Management

Poor Design

NOTE: This is the only purely technical challenge.


Poor design is usually caused by vague or incomplete requirements (garbage in, garbage out). But sometimes the problem is simply hubris.


Effective design requires talented technical leadership. Business leaders can support their technical colleagues by asking the right questions and promoting a flexible and modular solution that will address immediate and future needs.

Sometimes the simplest architecture is the best. Avoid custom solutions where ever possible. Ask tough questions of technical vendors that attempt to sell specialized features.

Technical architecture should accommodate future changes – business needs will change, so the technology solution must be easily added to or modified for years to come.

Pm_series_icon_2This is one of a series of posts on project management for finance professionals. The series features practical project management advice and tips for driving process change using technology. The series is archived here.

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