Is your management effort focused on underperforming outliers?

by Erin McCune on March 23, 2007

in Management

Does your company develop rules and policies in order to address a minority of employees that are disengaged and underperforming? If so, 98% of your workforce are subjected to unnecessary and belittling policies that are in place because 2% of the team aren't pulling their weight.

So what is the fall out of this behavior? Think about it. When the 98%
wake up, smell the coffee, and realize they are being “ruled” to death
because of a few who aren’t contributing, the dynamic of the whole team
is in jeopardy. Morale suffers; it takes twice as long to maneuver
because of the restrictions put in place for the 2%. Employees end up
feeling disempowered, and if the focus on managing to the 2% continues,
turnover increases.

Instead, managers should manage the 2% up or out – confront the 2% that are underperforming, offer training to bring them in line, and if that's unsuccessful let them go. The rest of your team will thank you for it and morale will improve.

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