Counting on Computers

by Erin McCune on March 8, 2007

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Business Week online has a slide show featuring the most critical computer systems in the world. The focus is the systems that we rely on for day-to-day life – as individuals and businesses.

…the buzz of daily life is ever more punctuated by contact with
computers that we rarely see, but whose constant and reliable operation
is a virtual necessity for millions who may not even think about them.

in mind, we set out to try to determine which computers are the most
important to daily life-those systems that keep the power flowing,
airplanes flying, the Internet buzzing, and so on. We focused on
everyday existence-leaving aside, for instance, the many large
supercomputers involved in such tasks as simulated testing of nuclear

Critical computers identified by BusinessWeek include:

  • Power Grid4_first_data_3
  • National Weather System
  • Root DNS
  • First Data
  • Ground Control / FAA
  • GPS
  • Google
  • MSN / Hotmail

Read the article and view the slide show here.

If the Dow Jones industrial average can sink 178 points in 1 minute due to a malfunction, what would happen if one of these computers had a glitch? Our interconnected,  technology driven modern world can be surprisingly fragile.

The world may not depend on your business' computers, but your livelihood does. Do you have a reliable back up of your critical data? Are your primary business systems redundant?  Do you have thresholds in place to monitor performance and anticipate problems before they happen?

As a true believer in computers and software to streamline business processes and enhance decision making, I am also well aware that systems do malfunction. Things inevitably go wrong. It's the contingency planning that makes all the difference.   

Image courtesy of Getty Images, via BusinessWeek

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