January 2007

Johathan Clements, the WSJ personal finance columnist, has some tongue-in-cheek definitions of common Wall Street and financial phrases in his column, a few excerpts: Profit-taking: All-purpose explanation for why the market went down. Technical factors: Alternative all-purpose explanation for why the market went down. Also useful for explaining why the market went up or sideways. […]


Levitt and Dubner discuss gift cards in their Freakonomics column in today's New York Times magazine: As for gift cards — well, let’s just say there is good reason that they are known within the retail industry as a stored-value product: they store their value very well, and often permanently. The financial-services research firm TowerGroup […]

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Glenbrook’s Jim Salters files a Payments News report on Metavante – suggesting that to watch what’s happening with payments convergence in the US, watch what Metavante’s doing.

Over at NetBanker 2.0 Jim Bruene has a pair of posts of Remote Deposit Capture and the failure of banks to market the product effectively: Remote deposit capture is virtually invisible at Google Marketing remote deposit capture services The limited marketing muscle behind the product is likely due to the fact that the banks have […]


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