USAA Offers Consumer Remote Deposit

by Erin McCune on November 27, 2006

in Remote Deposit Capture

USAA is offering its consumer banking customers remote deposit. The new service is called Deposit@Home and enables consumers to make deposits from their home or office using a desktop scanner. A java applet recognizes the consumers scanner and imports the image directly to the USAA site where the consumer is directed to crop the image.

Deposit@Home has the potential to expand USAA's checking and savings customer base because until now USAA has relied on mail deposits. The company partnered with UPS on an expedited deposit program, but it is being replaced by Deposit@Home. USAA banking customers are reimbursed for fees when they use other banks ATMs.

It's easy and quick to use and deposits are posted immediately before 8:00 PM Central and the next day after 8:00 PM Central. The consumer receives a receipt with both front and back images of the check and is instructed to VOID and then destroy the item.

USAA offers banking, insurance, and brokerage services to military members and their families. I've had their insurance for years and recently moved my brokerage accounts over. With the new Deposit@Home service there is no reason not to move my checking account. I just wish they offered business banking services!

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  1. Jim Bruene says:

    Timely post, congratulations on being one of the first, if not THE first, blogger to report on the new service.
    I agree the Deposit@home service could be a boon to some checking account customers. However, you stated that it’s “easy and quick to use.” It doesn’t sound like you’ve actually used it yourself, so I assume you are relying on the company’s marketing material for that observation.
    I think the jury is still out on how easy it is to use for the mass market. Most consumers either don’t have the scanning equipment necessary, don’t know how to use the stuff they have, or don’t want to hassle with scanning, cropping, and entering data. For casual users looking to deposit a paper check every couple weeks, it’s probably still easier just to toss it in the mail.
    Heavy paper check recipients, such as small businesses, or employees paid via paper check, will likely find it very valuable, and will be motivated to master the nuances of the scanner.

  2. Erin McCune says:

    Thanks, Jim for your comment. To follow up on the “ease of use” question, although I never received marketing info from USAA, I got a heads up about the new Deposit@Home service (before the press release) via my brother who has a USAA checking account. He called me immediately when he got the invitation to try Deposit@Home – knowing I’d be interested.
    I sat with him as he did his first deposit – and it was easy. The site automatically detected his scanner, uploaded the image, rotated it, and requested that he click on the corner of the check (to crop it). Granted it may not be a solution for all consumers, but for those comfortable with their scanner and too impatient to mail their check to USAA it’s a great service.
    It’s natural that USAA was quick to offer remote deposit to consumers since they do not have branches and many of their customers (military) are overseas.
    I did open a USAA checking account immediately after the demo with my brother – the remote deposit option is very appealing to me. I’ve been known to carry checks in my bag for weeks.

  3. X says:

    I just signed up. I’ve kept checks in my wallet for weeks as well. No longer.
    They also have a good savings account option. Pays as much interest as a CD, but is liquid.

  4. Esther Curnutt says:

    Please send me USAA information so I can start tracking investments.
    Thank you.
    Esther Curnutt
    USAA account # 141 84 80

  5. Esther Curnutt says:

    Please send me USAA web page information.
    I want to start using it to track investments.
    Thank you.
    Esther Curnutt
    #141 84 80

  6. Scott Patterson says:

    Very innovative to allow consumers to use home scanners. Any idea if they developed this in-house or using a vendor solution?

  7. I am a long time USAA member, over 40 years. USAA has always offered superior service through all three of their service sectors, Banking, Insurance and Investment Services. I am very happy with them.

  8. David says:

    Did you just have to scan the front of the check or both sides of the check? I am assuming that you have to scan the front, crop it, then scan the back. Neat concept, especially if it is easy.

  9. moondriver says:

    Deposit at home has now been expanded to Apple computers as well. Also claims tracking is available and a lot of changes have been added to recently , including a new look and feel.
    i know because i have created some of it. I am a Java Enterprise developer/software engineer.

  10. moondriver says:

    the deposit at home feature was developed inhouse. after reading your comments, its good to know that people are enjoying the products we are laboring over. We are working our asses off and I hope it shows. if you have not visited the site lately, please do so, many new features. especially in the area of claims (Go Claims!) and a new look and feel.

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