Pay Day – CFO Magazine’s Compensation Special Report

by Erin McCune on November 16, 2006

in Research Round Up


Thanks to a growing battle for finance talent, CFOs are making more.
Those at big companies saw their pay surge as much as 25 percent. Many
firms are seeking to upgrade their finance talent, and the dwindling of
the chief operating officer has also contributed to the boost, since
CFOs often are asked to take on many of the former COO's duties. Even
small firms are competing for specialized talent, desperately seeking
finance professionals who are CPAs.

But with the Securities and Exchange Commission shining a new
spotlight on compensation, boards are also making CFOs work harder to
achieve the mega-pay levels that became common in the 1990s.

– excerpted from Compensation Report

Part 1: Pay Up
With finance talent in high demand, companies are boosting compensation — and making some demands of their own.

Part 2: Pay Dirt
As the SEC shines a light on executive compensation, will companies clean up their acts or find new ways to hide excess?

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