October 2006

USA Today features an article on the convenience – and hidden costs – of no signature small dollar credit card transactions. CardWeb.com estimates that the number of small dollar transactions has increased elevenfold since 2000. Card companies are increasingly allowing no-signature transactions for purchases of less than $25 at movie theaters, pharmacies, convenience stores and […]


Glenbrook’s Jim Salters files this report: Even if you’ve been following the authentication space and the industry dash to comply with the FFIEC Authentication Guidance, it’s likely that you’ve never heard of Arcot. But that may soon change. According to the company, a major bank in the US will soon announce their plans to deploy […]

CFO.com reports that most finance executives and managing directors of US multi-national companies believe that their investments in technology have had a postive impact (such as better customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and revenue improvements). But only one third believe they are getting an optimum return on their technology investments. Confidence that technology spending is resulting […]


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