Back to School – 10 things you probably didn’t learn in school (and wish you had)

by Erin McCune on August 24, 2006

in Caught My Eye

This has nothing to do with finance and everything to do with your day-to-day life (at the office and elsewhere).

Guy Kawasaki – VC, former Apple evangelist, and a very entertaining blogger – recently posted a list of things he wished he'd learned in school and points out how traditional education does a poor job of training us all for the workplace.

10+ things Guy Kawasaki wishes he had learned at school:

  1. How to talk to your boss
  2. How to survive a meeting that's poorly run
  3. How to run a meeting
  4. How to figure out anything on your own
  5. How to negotiate
  6. How to have a conversation
  7. How to explain something in 30 seconds
  8. How to write a one-page report
  9. How to write a five-sentence email
  10. How to get along with co-workers
  11. How to use PowerPoint
  12. How to leave voicemail

Need some remedial help? Read Guy's original post here.

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