Banking Customers’ Social Computing Habits

by Erin McCune on July 10, 2006

in Banking, Research Round Up

Forrester Research ties bank customers to social computing patterns:

Shifts in online behavior are creating new phenomena that Forrester
calls Social Computing. We examined how many customers within bank and
brokerage customer bases perform various Social Computing activities.

Key findings:

  • ING Direct and HSBC Group customers are the most
    likely to visit social networking sites;
  • E*TRADE banking customers are
    the most likely to listen to podcasts; and
  • NetBank customers are the
    most likely to read blogs.

What do you know about your customers computing habits?
Does your bank utilize blogs, podcasts or wikis to connect with customers?
Do you even know???

Financial Consumers Adopt Social Computing

Bank And Brokerage Customers Who Use RSS, Blogs, And Social Networking Sites

Forrester Research
July 7, 2006

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