100 Most Influential People in Finance

by Erin McCune on June 15, 2006

in Treasury & Cash Management

The June issue of Treasury & Risk Mangement features the magazine's annual list of the 100 Most Influential People in Finance. The editors spoke with executives, bankers, economists, technology vendors and consultants to determine finance movers and shakers over the last 12 months.

Finance leaders are recognized in the following categories:

VISIONARY CFOs: Plotting the Route to Sustainable Growth

STRATEGIC TREASURERS AND CONTROLLERS: Pushing for that Last Percentile of Efficiency

THE REFORMERS: Working to Change the System's

CORPORATE CLIMBERS: Looking Forward to What's Next

THE ENFORCERS: Maintaining a Slow, Steady Boil in Regulation

WASHINGTON WARRIORS: Negotiating the Big Fixes

BUSINESS INTELLIGENTS: Teaching Finance How to do More Than Excel

100 Most Influential People in Finance
Treasury & Risk Management
June 2006

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