Debunking the telecomuter = slacker myth

by Erin McCune on March 26, 2006

in Consulting

A recent article in Employee Benefit News cites a survey by that supposedly demonstrates that many teleworkers are in fact not working much at all!

As someone who often works from home or remotely from a hotel room, this kind of research infuriates me. For every slacker there are many productive, dedicated, honest individuals working very hard outside of a traditional office. In fact, many people who work remotely are working longer hours. The ability to compartmentalize and set boundaries between personal and professional is difficult when your home and work are the same place.

I suspect the survey results would be far different were they to segregate out those teleworkers that are self-employed or consultants. Alas, I was unable to find the original survey at — if anyone out there is more successful please send the URL in your comments.

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