E*Trade Offers New Loss Protection Coverage

by Erin McCune on January 27, 2006

in Treasury & Cash Management

E*Trade is now going to offer complete fraud coverage for brokerage, banking and lending customers. 

The growing concern the public has about online fraud caused E*Trade to make a change in order to retain customer loyalty and keep good client relations.  If a customer incurs a loss due to online fraud, E*Trade will give the money back that was stolen, and upgrade the customer's computer security.  The losses for E*Trade are relatively low for a company with annual net revenue of over $1 billion.  To E*Trade, the cost of doing nothing would be much greater then the loss they will incur from offering this protection to customers.

"E*Trade to Offer Brokerage Clients Loss Protection for Online Fraud"
By Gaston F. Ceron
Dow Jones Newswires
January 18th, 2006; Page D2

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